Listen You Women – 4 years in distribution and still going strong !

Lesley Reilly, President, Bosom Buddies, NT
“ Since the DVD was launched in 2011, it has been used as a resource by women for women, health workers and health services. From Broome to Bathurst Island: from Fitzroy Crossing to far North Queensland, from the Hunter Valley to Tasmania and the Riverina. It has been distributed far wider than we ever imagined. DVD’s have also been shown in Fiji and Bali. It has been requested by Breast Care Nurses, Women’s and Aboriginal HealthServices, Tertiary Institutions, SA Cancer Council and Flinders Medical Centre, and Yoga Instructors in metropolitan areas. It’s purpose and messages continue to be relevant to all women. ”

Dawn Ross, Family Wellbeing Coordinator, Faculty Health Business and Science, Batchelor Institute, Alice Springs –  “I was invited to be part of the DVD because I am a survivor. I am passionate about helping other Aboriginal women to look after their health and wellbeing by being aware of Breast Cancer. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I hadn’t checked myself because I felt good; I had no symptoms, but by good luck I was asked if I wanted to have a mammogram which was being offered free at Alukura by National Breast Screening.

My message is, ” Even if you feel good and not feeling sick, check your breasts because you don’t have to be feeling sick or sore to have breast cancer! ”

Siddhartha Baxi, Radiation Oncologist,  Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre, Darwin –  “Listen you women is an excellent community educational video around the Breast cancer journey for the Indigenous women of Central Australia. It shows how community leadership to create a resource that is so effectively culturally appropriate.  Listen you women is a creative, step by step educational video on the issues important surrounding the fearful subject of breast cancer which breaks down the barriers to the subject and treatment paradigms.  For our Indigineous patients of the Northern Territory I found  it a very useful resource for my patients, and this is clearly shown in its universal use and acceptance in other Indigineous communities”

Karen Woodcock, Manager, Promotions, Education BreastScreen SA – “ Congratulations and thankyou for creating a wonderful resource I have used it in education sessions with Aboriginal Women and the delight on their faces when listening to information in their own language was just magical, well done and I look forward to using it in the future. “

Debbie Jagoe, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Cancer Screening Services – “We were  able to play the DVD in Warlpiri at Lajamanu to over 20 women and they were really engaged and we even heard a few giggles!

Jayne Treagust, Cancer Care Coordinator  – “It  is the best thing ever and these guys should be really proud of that production. It lets the women see the different journeys taken after a diagnosis of Breast Care and most women I have shown it to identify and relate to one of the stories.”

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2012 NAIDOC Awards – Listen You Women, Your Breasts Are Precious. The 2012 Community Service Achievement category was awarded to Kathleen Wallace, Dawn Ross, Jenny Mahoney, Marlene Doolan and Rita Nangala Dixon for their contribution to helping raise awareness of breast cancer in Indigenous communities and their support of other women diagnosed with breast cancer. Congratulations to all of these wonderful women!

L-R. Lesley Reilly, Dawn Ross, Marlene Doolan, Sandy McElligott and Kathleen Wallace at the NAIDOC Awards in Alice Springs

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Finalist in National Awards

Bosom Buddies NT and their DVD Listen You Women, Your Breast are Precious were finalists in the Excellence in Indigenous Health Awards, 2012
for Improving Access to Primary Health Care. The awards were held in conjunction with the Improving Social Determinants of Indigenous Health Conference held in Sydney in March this year. Congratulations to Bosom Buddies and all of the women involved in the DVD for the nomination!

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Video clip – Listen you Women


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“Stories from strong Aboriginal women who are taking ownership of their health and getting signs and symptoms investigated.”

Listen You Women, Your Breasts Are Precious, is a new multilingual DVD educational resource on breast health and breast cancer. Five Aboriginal women from central Australian communities share their stories of diagnosis, treatment, support and recovery from breast cancer.  Read more ..


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